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I’m Annie, I’m passionate about food and history, and I talk a lot. I’ve managed to successfully combine these into a career in food history, encompassing writing, giving talks, demos and workshops; working in costume; consultancy, and appearances on TV and on radio.

We all eat, and we all have opinions about what we eat. Scratch the surface of even the most apparently uncaring diner, and what lurks within will reveal plenty about who they are, and what they believe.

Food has the potential to engage audiences in wonderful ways, challenging them engaging them, and helping them to question a whole range of received opinions. I love working at the front end of public history, using the knowledge I've gained through years of study to reach out and really make people think.

You can read my first book, The Greedy Queen: Eating with Victoria, from May 2017. You can listen to me on the radio, where I'm a regular panellist on BBC Radio 4's The Kitchen Cabinet. You can see me on your TV, cropping up whenever anyone wants a view on what people ate in the past, and presenting living history shows including Victorian Bakers, and you can read various articles, both popular and academic, that I've written over the years.

I'm also a costumed interpreter, and I helped set up and ran the team at Audley End house in Essex (EH) for many years, cooking and performing in character as a rather naughty kitchenmaid. These days, I'm more likely to be found behind the scenes, training others to work in and out of costume, not just with food, but in a whole range of domestic spaces, both above and below stairs. I'm a consultant on the presentation of domestic space, and the use of historic food to communicate key interpretive aims.

Beyond that, I'm a popular lecturer, with audiences including the V&A, various museums and Friends groups, Historic Royal Palaces and Salon London. I specialise in the Georgian period through to the Second World War, largely because life before tea is unthinkable (and the fashions are much, much more flattering to wear).

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